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1.Never cook the meat immediately after removing from the refrigerator. It will be cooked excessively on the outside but will remain raw inside. Meat should be well thawed before it is cooked.
2.Do not grease the meat you want to cook. The meat itself contains the necessary fat to ensure that it will be perfectly roast and release its aroma.
3.If you notice flames when roasting, never use water to put them out. In this case, use plenty of rock salt on the coals to put the fire out. Alternatively you can spray the meat with a little red wine.
4.Do not salt the meat when it is still raw. The best time to salt meat is just before you remove it from the fire. Otherwise the salt will absorb all the meat juices.
5.At the beginning of cooking, place the meat near the coals, to brown it a bit. This will create a crust that will retain all the meat’s juices. You then remove the meat from the centre of the heat and continue roasting.
6.Try putting herbs, such as oregano, on the coals and not directly on the meat!
7.Do not pierce the meat with a fork to turn it over, as its juices will flow out. Use tongs.
8.If you are grilling sausages, pierce them with a fork before you place them on the grill, as they tend to burst in the process.
9.The best time to place the meat on the fire is when the coals still have the heat required to cook the meat. It is the heat that cooks the meat, not the fire!

10.The coals should be spread out over a large surface while the grill should not be wider than the area of the coals, as the pieces at its edges will remain uncooked. 

10 tips about meat
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